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Welcome! to Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies. Our family, myself Carly my husband Robert, our kids Janessa and Mason along with my mom Shauna. We have been raising golden retrievers as a family since 2012. Our golden retrievers all have the enjoyment of living on a large  acreage playing all day and running around with active kids. We are located outside of Edmonton. We love our dogs so much and give them the best life possible. Our golden retrievers are a big part of our family and we want the very best homes for our puppies. We love receiving updates from families and keeping in touch over the years. 

Our golden retrievers are all DNA tested purebred and are clear of any genetic heath issues. Parents of puppies are vet checked yearly and given a 100% clear bill of health . Our dogs are very healthy and they haven’t had any health problems. One of our oldest  female golden retriever Sprite 11 years old has been retired for quite a few years and is living a wonderful life still with our family running around the acreage enjoying life. 

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